Wednesday, 2 January 2013

New Year, new blog.

Once again, I am stepping into the blogging abyss. I've attempted it before, to no avail. Maybe this year will be different. I have spent most of the last week in bed or on the sofa watching the Killing, a grotty cold has finally managed to get a hold of me meaning my usual enthusiasm for the New Year has been somewhat dampened. I hate being ill, and having to lie in bed all day. I don't really even "do" lie ins. I'm an up and at'em kinda gal, always up early and wanting to get stuff done. Lying in bed all day gave me some time to reflect on this. I definitely don't ever give my body time to look after itself, after an 8 week term I don't really relax that much, and I should. We are not machines, and being ill is a reminder of that, we are humans who need sleep and time to reset our dials. Being such a busy person I always ignore God. Time with God is always the first thing to go if i'm in a hurry. I'm rarely still or alone with my creator, I find it really hard. This year, my resolution is to give more space to my creator in my daily routine. Hopefully that way, I won't burn out so much!

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